Essential Tips for Buying CBD Products Safely Online

Essential Tips for Buying CBD Products Safely Online

If you’re new to CBD, it can seem very overwhelming with the different strengths, products, brands and types of CBD available in the UK, so let’s discover helpful tips for buying CBD online in the UK, ensuring legality and safety. This will help you confidently navigate the UK CBD market and make informed purchasing decisions.

The popularity and availability of CBD has increased in recent years. The reason for its popularity is that increasing research is showing CBD can be beneficial in supporting our health and can be used in many ways. A huge choice of products is also available online on different platforms and are easily accessible. Due to such widespread availability, it is crucial to approach with caution while you buy CBD products online. The legality and safety of these products must be ensured before you decide to purchase them, especially from online CBD stores.

Which CBD products are legal in the UK?

The legality of CBD products depends on the quantity of THC (which is psychoactive) present in the product. According to the Home Office, if THC content is less than 1mg per container, it is legal; you will often see this stated as less than 0.2% THC content. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) now categorises CBD as a novel food. This implies that only ingestible CBD products authorised by the FSA and adhering to their guidelines will be approved for retailing in the market. Here at Simply Serene, we only sell legal CBD products that contain less than 0.2% THC.

Is CBD safe?

Pure CBD cannot cause addiction and psychoactive symptoms; rather it has been shown to have many benefits. Another related product related to CBD is THC which is psychoactive and can cause addiction- high levels of THC would not be safe to sell and would be illegal. So as long as CBD products are free of THC or contain a negligible amount of THC, they are deemed safe to use as part of your wellness routine. However, you should not use CBD products if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have liver disease and we always recommend speaking with your GP or healthcare provider if you take other prescribed or over the counter medication.

In this article, we will provide you with essential tips and guidelines for buying CBD online.

This will help you to navigate the vast market and find high-quality products that meet your needs.

  1. Research and educate yourself:

You should educate yourself about CBD and its products before making any purchase. It involves understanding the benefits and risks of CBD, its different types, and how are they extracted by the manufacturers. You also need to understand terms, such as full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates. This knowledge will help you in evaluating product descriptions and choose which is the best CBD for you.

  1. Seek proof of third-party lab testing:

Third-party lab testing is the most important aspect of checking the safety and reliability of CBD products. You should buy products from companies and manufacturers that are committed to transparency and conduct lab tests on their products by a third party. In these lab reports, there is detailed information about the cannabinoid profile of the products and the absence of harmful substances. Look for companies that make their lab reports readily available on their websites or provide them upon request. Here at Simply Serene CBD Apothecary, we only stock CBD products from manufacturers and brands who supply us with their lab reports.

All of these are available to view on our website here:

  1. Check the source and extraction method:

You should buy products that are extracted from organically grown hemp plants. Hemp plants cultivated in farms that adhere to strict agricultural standards should always be preferred. The extraction method using CO2 provides high-quality CBD and allows the manufacturer to control the levels of THC in their product. You should avoid products such as Cannabis oil that are extracted by cheap methods, cold press or sold by brands that do not tell you their extraction method because they might contain harmful chemicals, unsafe levels of THC or poor quality CBD. We exclusively on partner with brands who manufacture their CBD products in the UK and can trace exactly where their raw products come from.

  1. Read the product label and description:

Read the product labels and descriptions in detail to know whether it contains the desired components or not. You can also know the concentration of CBD per mg, suggested dosage, directions, any nutritional information, and the presence of any other ingredients. Our product descriptions list everything you need to know to fully understand the products you are buying.

  1. Check for user reviews.

User reviews can give valuable information on whether the CBD products you decide to buy are effective and safe. You can find reviews on the retailer's website or any independent platform like Trustpilot. Seeing both positive and negative reviews can give you an idea about the strengths and limitations of the product. So it is necessary that the reviews are from trustworthy sources.

  1. Verify the reputation of the company you are purchasing from.

You should only buy products from brands and retailers that are trustworthy and reputable. You should look for companies that prioritise customer satisfaction and abide by ethical principles. Check if the brand has received any certificates or awards, as these indicate the brand’s dedication to maintaining high-quality standards. It’s also crucial to check reviews about the company you are purchasing the brand from if you’re not buying directly from the CBD brand, if you decide to buy CBD online.

You can check out our Trustpilot reviews from other customers here:

  1. Check for customer service support.

Trustworthy customer support that you can rely on is essential while purchasing CBD online, whether it’s from a brand directly or from an online CBD shop. You should only buy from retailers that provide accessible customer support when you need it. This can either be through email, live chat directly on the website, social media profiles or phone support.

Due to the rapid expansion of the CBD industry and the vast choices available, it is necessary to take certain precautions while purchasing CBD products online. You should only choose products that are manufactured by transparent and credible companies. Investing time and effort in searching for safe, effective, and quality CBD products will help you find products that will suit your health and wellness needs.

If you have any questions about products or you’re not sure where to start on your CBD journey, you can email us or contact us via our social media channels.

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